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The combination of an experienced and seasoned musician/songwriter, coupled with a fresh and hungry new-artist mentality, is a rare happening in today's music industry. Just as Phil Collins, Don Henley, and David Grohl started new careers, after being drummers and co-songwriters in their respective bands, Fred Rush has emerged on the singer/songwriting scene.

Fred was the drummer in several successful hard rock bands, (including Ugly Mustard). Always involved in the songwriting process, and always the Pop Music perspective, Fred has all the experience and perspective of a veteran musician. But, this is a new thing! …with kid-like obsessive love for music, songs, and expressing ideas! “The last time I felt this energized, this creative, and this excited about music and my career was when I first started to play clubs, when I was 18 years old,” says Fred.

Playing drums since he was 12 years old, Fred has been in numerous rock and pop bands. Always in love with melody, his role was the band member pushing melody, melody, melody! As a solo artist, Fred's musical focus is to arrange and instrumentally layer his songs in more of a singer/songwriter and folk/pop/rock format. His music still has the emotion, intensity and edginess of his hard rock roots, but now has all of the harmonics and melodies that have been floating around his heart and soul for years.

Fred has a beautiful wife, wonderful kids, been a musician since he was 12, and spent a large portion of his life on the road. With a strong faith in God as his guide, Fred has been through and seen so many beautiful, inspiring, and harsh life lessons. His writing is not one from a man starting out in life's standpoint, but from one who has gone through so many of the life lessons, both good and bad, and from a family man and musicians' standpoint.

While experiencing and witnessing tragedy and happiness over the past few years, Fred's new outlook helped spawn beautiful songs of frustration, forgiveness, self-evaluation and resolution, and most importantly love and hope. Love and Hope have always been the common threads in his life, as well as in other people's lives, that he's been involved with. “I wanted to write and record a great collection of songs from a perspective of a husband, father, and friend,” Fred says. “Having been through so much with my family and friends, I am so driven to get that kind of perspective out. I can't imagine not having some sort of creative outlet to get all of my emotions out. So many times, I see it when a creative person doesn't get their experiences and emotions out. It's like they leave a band-aid on a big wound too long. A wound ultimately needs air to complete the healing process…”

Fear of Gravity

After playing several years as a solo artist, Fred joined forces with Dallas multi-instrumentalist/songwriter Dave Farguson to form Indie Folk band FEAR OF GRAVITY. Forming in the summer of 2017, Rush and Farguson began writing and performing together in the Deep Ellum clubs that they had both become mainstays in various bands. Focusing on and paying homage to the songs that they created, the band intuitively stripped back to a more raw sound drawing heavily from artists that influenced them such as Bob Dylan, Eagles, Steve Miller and Tom Petty. Then they rolled in modern Folk styling approaches from bands they obsessed on such as Head and the Heart, Lumineers, Lord Huron, and Of Monsters and Men.

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